Monday, July 30, 2012

Anniversary, Downton Abbey, and Nude Cards

Caleb made a remarkable recovery from his ear/throat pain of last night and this morning. Half an hour with his ear on the heating pad and he was right as rain. He should lose a tooth tomorrow too.

We had a nice dinner at Azteca to celebrate our 18th anniversary. Jill automatically starts greeting people in Spanish. Normally the waitress will start speaking English after the first round. This time she started a full conversation with a twinkle in her eye knowing that Jill had run her limit. Jill finally had to laugh and admit she was in over her head. The rest of the night the waitress spoke English to Caleb and me but everything she said to Jill was in Spanish first and English second. It was adorable and Jill was a great sport about it.

After Jill went to bed I dived into the Downton Abbey DVDs I got from Netflix. They have been back ordered for months and I got the last 2 at the same time. I'm very happy.

I am hosting 2 artist trading card swaps. The Teen Titans swap is very small. The Artistic Nudes swap is very large. I've been getting cards from all over the world this week and most of them are fantastic.

Card of the Day: The Engineer