Monday, July 16, 2012

Settlers, Tickets, China and Russia visit

Today was pretty awesome. My sister-in-law Jill visited. She teaches in China since there are few jobs for teachers here in the states. We get to see her about twice a year and always play Settlers of Catan. She is a shark at that game and continued her winning streak today. We also played the Lego Ninjago board game which was a lot of fun. We downed about 70 strawberries from the garden and had a real good talk. I miss her a lot and wish she could move back home.

After sister-in-law Jill left, Caleb, wife Jill and I played Ticket to Ride for the first time. Caleb played with his cards face up so we could help him but he picked up the rules way faster than we thought he would. This game was extremely fun and we are going to make it a regular part of our game rotation.

Unfortunately I hurt my foot a bit more today. Caleb accidentally kicked the broken toe. It was entirely my fault. I had braced my foot under his chair while we were playing Settlers and he swung his foot back and got me. A couple of hours later I was going into the kitchen and turned my foot, dropping a lot of weight on that side of my foot. A few new bruises have risen and the pain is about as bad as day 2.

The Lego commune is coming along pretty nicely. Today I added a very cool treehouse, a campfire, and a tree shaded area for people to sit in lawn chairs.

The Galaxy Scouts book is crawling along. I wanted to hand write the dialogue and it is proving to be very time consuming.

I'm not sure why but half my views this week have come from Russia. If you are from Russia, leave a comment. :D

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