Thursday, July 12, 2012

Healing Creativity Time

I am in the enviable position of having my son visiting his grandparents in Anacortes for 4 days and me not being in a well enough condition to have to mow the lawn while he is gone. My foot remains a sore subject. Ba dum dum.


Before he left Caleb and I began working on a grand new Lego project. We are building a sort of commune. I was inspired by a friend's Facebook post a couple of days ago. There is a large field with three small houses and one long utility building for everyone to share. It is bordered on one side by a lake. There will be room for a small farm, a half basketball court, a fire pit, a tree house, and a large communal lawn for the kids to play. On the street will be a fruit/vegetable stand. I don't have a Lego goat or chickens so I may have to abstract those. It isn't big enough for a cow or horse or polar bear to be comfortable.


So during my time without Caleb I am going to do as little walking and standing as possible. I will use the time to heal and be creative. I will draw like crazy to progress on "Galaxy Scouts." I will build Legos and watch DVDs. The only job I'm forcing myself to do is the laundry because it is driving me nuts having so much of it.


I have 24 DVDs in my queue. 12 of them have short to very long waits. Has Netflix run out of videos?

Drawing of the Day: TIE fighter