Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lego Help Needed

For the last few days I have been building a Lego community of sorts. It has a central lawn that is 2 x 2 feet. Along one edge is a house. Another edge has 2 houses and the third has a larger community center building. The final side is bordered by a large lake. Every house has its own parking spot. The yard is designed to be communal for all the residents.

There is a large grill, a fire pit, a treehouse, a half court basketball court, a sandbox, a dock, a lily pond with frogs, a flower garden, a small island perfect for diving into the lake, a large picnic table, a set of lawn chairs and table, a few trees, surfboards (on a lake?) and a remote control toy car. The community center has a rooftop garden, a picnic table, and an area for the rock band I'm going to eventually build.

Any ideas on what else to add? If this were your commune, what would you want?