Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I have a garden. I find it relaxing and fresh treats at the table are always welcome. Right now the carrots are starting to poke their greens up (after 3 attempts to grow) and the peas are growing nicely. The cauliflower and spinach are coming along well and lettuce I didn't plant has come in, possibly from a previous year.

I've been growing strawberries for 5 years in a 4 foot square garden box on the north side of the house. As the years have passed trees have cut out the sunlight there and what were once prosperous bushes were all but useless last year. I started a new box last year on the south side of the house with some transplants some friends gave me. We didn't get a lot of fruit from them, which was expected since they were transplanted just before they were due to flower. This spring I moved the northern strawberry plants into the new box and into 4 square feet of the box full of leaf vegetables. The size was amazing. The old plants were 1/3 the size of the transplants and I feared they might not survive at all. Fast forward a couple of months and the northern plants have doubled in size and we have started to come in strawberries.

Our garden now has 20 square feet of strawberry plants. Today we pulled 90 strawberries and added them to the 120 we had picked already. Probably 50 more have been eaten by bugs and birds. We are probably about 1/2 way through the harvest. So far on average the garden has produced 210 edible strawberries or about 10 1/2 per square foot.

Next spring I am going to invite the Cub Scouts to take over my garden boxes, planting what they want, weeding, watering, and harvesting for their own families with us taking as share as well. Every year we have some that grow great and many that don't. I would love to have a full garden with everything growing in huge numbers.

The garden currently has 4 boxes and two deeper planters (for the carrots)totaling 66 square feet. Next year the plan is to try and double that.

Book Update
I finished writing the script of the comic today. The title is "The Galaxy Scouts and the Night of the BazOOmabOOs." It is an adventure comic for kids and will be 64 pages. The main character designs are finalized. I need to do some character sheets for the BazOOmabOOs and an alien and then I can get to drawing the comic.

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