Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Limping the Wolf Path

The swelling and most of the visible bruising on my foot is gone. That is a great thing. I can put a shoe on again. The downsides (aren't there always?) are that shoes are extremely painful and the lack of swelling has ended the dull constant ache and increased the sharp sudden ones from the bone. I'm still sitting most of the day which is driving me nuts. In spite of that I think I may be on my feet too much. I'm going to use the pedometer to gauge if I'm walking more than I think I am.

July has been a fairly relaxing month for Cub Scouts. We've had a few events but everything has been low key. The leaders need time to recharge after all. I sewed my new Wolf Den Leader patch on my uniform. Now I'm writing up the detailed meeting plans for September. Wolves are more fun than Tigers because the boys are older and can do cooler things. The first month is going to be packed with tons of stuff.

I also am teaching knotcraft at the Cub Scout Day Camp. I am supposed to teach most of the common Scouting knots (overhand, square, sheet bend, bowline, etc.) but for the Tigers I get to teach them how to sew on a button and the Wolves get to learn to tie a necktie in addition to other knots. Their requirements are based on their den handbooks. I'm also planning to have a different rope magic trick to perform each day and perhaps have a tug-of-war rope and/or jump ropes handy for when we need that break halfway.

Art Card of the Day: My new self portrait. My family thinks it might as well be a mirror it looks so much like me. :-p