Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recruitment and the Empty House

I am the membership chair of our Cub Scout pack. It is my job to organize a membership drive every year, coordinate with the new parents, and make sure everything goes smoothly as we welcome a new batch of Cub Scouts.

Today was Caleb's school open house. The pack had a table outside with flyers and a place for people to sign up for more information. In less than 2 hours we had 27 families signed up for more information. If each joined and only had one boy it would almost double our pack size. We have about 35 boys now. I know several of the families have 2 boys. This is going to be a very interesting year. I predict that many will join but not all, and we will be happily popping at the seams.

I am excited for the new Cub Scouting year. I'm also excited because tomorrow is the first day of school for Caleb. He is in second grade. I know he will have a good time but I am going to have the joyful silence that can only come from an empty house. I am looking forward to not having the sounds of Caleb and his friends. I look forward to finding the time I need to list the growing mountain of things I have to sell on eBay. I look forward blissfully creating art.

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