Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yellow Bird: The Dance of the Cub Scouts

Last night a couple more boys joined the Wolf Den. We made American flag neckerchief slides and learned to fold the American flag. Some of the early arriving boys learned to play Mancala, which I may end up addicted to if I'm not careful.

In addition to our flag studies I am also working with the boys to earn the Languages and Culture belt loops which requires them to play two games from other cultures. Last week we played Cat in the Corner from Norway. This week, in addition to Mancala (Middle East) we learned to Limbo. The game is from the Caribbean. Instead of the annoying Limbo Rock I used the Haitian song Yellow Bird played on Jamaican steel drums. I had no idea that a dozen 2nd graders would get so into it. They were dancing and partying like crazy and actually got very low.

I am excited about the next year of Cub Scouts.