Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today I start my drawing process to create a larger work of art. I've been working with baseball card sized art so long I'm feeling cramped by it. So in September I need to make something at least 11x17 inches.

The process is going to start with material selection and some sketches to see what I want to create.

One of my big artistic inspirations has been Laurie Meynig. We have traded a lot of art cards over the years and I've enjoyed watching her art from from great to fantastic. She has been filming her artistic process on youtube and it has been a great kick in the pants for me.

She also sells her art at her etsy shop.

In other news I had a long talk with the District Scout Executive today and got a lot of things worked out with some of the recruitment issues I've been having. He was very impressed how many kids we have signing up. :D

Art Card of the Day