Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home, Art, Cubs


My wife has been sick at home for the last week.  She finally dragged herself in yesterday.  I feel bad that she has been so miserable but I'm glad to have the house to myself again.  It seems small of me, I know.  I have just gotten so much more done  than most of the week.


Saturday I am hoping to attend the SeaARTle meetup with many of the ATC folks that I trade with.  I enjoy making artist trading cards and it will be a good chance to see folks I have never met in real life before.

I want to get a bunch of drawings done in advance of the meetup for trading and showing.  I should probably get on that.

I've been doing a lot more figure drawing lately.  I'm also hosting a beginner nude art card swap.  New swappers are welcome.


I am excited that we are gearing up for our first Pack camping trip in May.  One of the big failings of our Pack is that they haven't been camping in about 5 years from what I've been told.  That all changes now.  The new leadership team is excited and motivated to get the kids into the outdoors as much as possible.

Our current year ends on June 15.  At that point Caleb will graduate from being a Wolf to a Bear.  I have begun planning the next year's worth of activities and it looks like it is going to be amazing.  There are a lot of fun achievements in the Bear Handbook.