Saturday, April 20, 2013

SeARTle Meet Up and Playing With the Big Girls

Today I went to the SeARTle art meet up in Seattle.  I didn't know anyone and nearly made an excuse not to go several times.  I'm still very shy in spite of my outgoing persona.  I have trouble meeting new people.  Once I do I'm fine but getting my foot in the door is sometimes the hardest thing.

I don't spend enough time with adults though.  I volunteer at the school and teach Cub Scouts and our house is the nexus of the neighborhood where all the kids come to play.  So I try to force myself into adult activities in order to maintain my tenuous link to the adult world and my own sanity.

The meet up was actually pretty fun.  I was greeted at the door by name.  People recognized me from my self portrait userpic.  I settled in at a table and finished working on an artist trading card (ATC) that I had started the night before.  Pretty soon conversations started and then people (almost all women) began pulling out their art media and showing me all the cool things they can do with them.  I learned all about beeswax and watercolor pencils and liquid graphite and gel press and shrink film and watched some amazing people make very awesome art.  I finished 3 cards while I was there.  I'll have to post them tomorrow since the pictures are on my phone.

I hung out with women the entire time.  There was one other man there and he was busy in another room mostly.  After an hour or so the wine bottles got opened and the gals got fun.  I don't drink but really enjoyed watching them get tipsy and silly and how it affected their art (pretty well actually).

It was a great time, over too quickly.  Here are some cards that I made over the last 2 days.  I'll post more tomorrow.  They are all 2.5 x 3.5 inches on bristol paper.  They are mostly Prismacolor markers with some acrylic painthighlights on a few.

A big brown bear

This was my name tag, hung on a ribbon around my neck

An orca pod

a seagull

the Space Needle