Friday, March 8, 2013

Let the Boy Scouts Know Your Opinion

The Boy Scouts of America have a meeting coming up in a couple of months where they will (in theory) make the decision about inclusion or exclusion of homosexuals in the BSA.

You have a chance to have your voice heard.

If you are not currently a registered Scout you can send them a note here.  Don't forget to be polite.

If you are a registered Scout you can also complete the semi-annual survey.  The next one is going to be specifically about this topic.  The survey is not out yet but you can request it be emailed to you here.

From :

"To participate, you will need your membership ID number (or if you are a parent, your Scout’s ID number). The survey will close on April 4th, so please request your copy right now and forward this information to other current BSA members.
To participate in this survey, which is conducted twice a year, you will need your membership ID number, also called a BSA ID number. This is the number which appears on your registration card; or which is displayed on your MyScouting profile page. If you are a registered youth or adult with no access to MyScouting or without a paper registration card, contact your unit leader or the local BSA Council to obtain your BSA ID number."