Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buttons and Popcorn

When I was a teenager in Royal Rangers (the Assembly of God's scouting program)I really wanted to get a button machine to make those cool 1 inch buttons. I figured I could sell hundreds of them to buy my way to a big camping trip in some exotic place like Canada or Missouri.

Now that I'm working with Cub Scouts I'm considering actually doing it. It is that time of year when Scouts turn their eyes to popcorn sales. It is the primary means of funding our Pack activities. The problem is that many people find paying $20 for a bag of popcorn to be a bit pricey. I know I do.

Caleb has a goal of $350 minimum this year with all the cool prizes kicking in around $600. I have no doubt we will make that amount. But I wonder sometimes if we had a booth at a craft fair selling $1 buttons we could make more. They cost 10 cents to make plus a minimal amount for printing. A booth full of cute grade school kids in blue uniforms and I think we would make a ton of money. I have been doing a lot of small scale art that would look good on a button (I think).

Of course to do any fundraising other than/in addition to popcorn sales requires a lot of paperwork to get the council's approval.

But then we could use the button machine for making custom event badges and "demerit" awards also.

Until I can afford to drop a couple hundred dollars on a button machine I guess we will stick to popcorn sales. Fortunately we have a new tool to help. We can now sell popcorn online with delivery to the customer's door.

If you feel so inclined to help Caleb reach his popcorn selling goal please feel free to peruse the website. That link will give credit to Caleb for anything you buy or donate to "Popcorn for the Troops."