Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Story In Brief

This has been a lazy weekend but a lot has gotten done.  I've found that napping in the afternoon and then staying up until 2 am writing has made for some good productivity.

I've finished a ton of laundry and mowed the lawn.  I weeded the garden with Jill and picked another quart of strawberries that we traded to our neighbors for raspberries from their yard.

I've managed to get some random sketching done as well as 5 pages of the zine.  It looks like the first 12 pages are going to be a comic.  I'm not sure what the last 12 are going to be yet.

I'm about 1000 words behind on my Nanowrimo book.  That is not too bad and will likely be made up tonight.  I quit early last night because I hit a natural stopping point before the story went off in a different direction.  I'm not saying the story is any good but so far it isn't gibberish and that is progress.  :-)

I'm pretty happy with some of the superhero names I've come up with.  Justice Force, the JLA or Avengers of this world, is led by Mystery Woman.  Other members include the Titan from Titan, Clubber, Rocket Girl, Douglas Fir, and Pepper Jack.  There is also King Atlantis and his sidekick Kid Poseidon.  In the first chapter they fought the Under Lord and his Under Men, subterranean creatures intent on conquering Cliff City. The story is told from the point of view of Darlene Vogel, a reporter for the local TV station.

Sometime during the battle King Atlantis is murdered and Kid Poseidon blames the Justice Force.  So does the massive Oceanic fleet that shows up off the coast demand Justice Force surrender themselves.  Complicating things are the facts that no one actually saw what happened to King Atlantis and the body was dumped into the sea where it was recovered by the Oceanics so no autopsy can be done on land.  The Justice Force all claim innocence, naturally.  Darlene Vogel is put in the position of trying to solve the crime to prevent all out war between Cliff City and the Oceanic Kingdom.