Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camp Nanowrimo

Today was so busy.  I started off taking Caleb to his swim lesson on the bus.  His pass ran out of money so we walked from
the pool to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and then down to the park and ride to add money to our ORCA cards.  

The heat took it out of me and I ended up laying on the couch listening to podcasts all afternoon.  I finally got some writing done
since today is the first day of Camp Nanowrimo.  

Here are my revised goals.  

1 Wonder Woman drawing for my sister-in-law, Kathy. 
I finished the first draft and have some ideas for refining it in the second.  I picked up a number of graphic novels at the library so I can compare poses to get the issues I have with mine worked out.

50,000 words:  Camp Nanowrimo - Goal is July 31
I have started the story and am 1,700 words in.  It is flowing pretty nicely.  It is a super hero mystery story told from the POV of the plucky girl reporter.  

24 page zine for the 24 Hour Zine Thing.  Goal is July 24
There is no realistic way I can get a whole zine done in one day.  So I'm spreading it out and getting 1 page done a day.  Page 1 is complete.

Lower Priorities

Kid Power Role Playing Game.  
4 Favorite Flora/Fauna art cards for a swap.  
1 Undersea critter art card for a swap.