Friday, July 12, 2013

An Open Letter to Lynnwood, Washington

Dear Drivers in Lynnwood, Washington,

I love your fine city and I enjoy coming to visit.  I love coming to your mall.  I enjoy swimming in your pool.  I don't enjoy standing outside Games Workshop once again disappointed that they are not open in the morning but that's not your fault.

I love that your pedestrian signals all say "Please Wait" and then beep excitedly when it is time for me to cross.  I like using your crosswalks and I take advantage of these wonderful amenities many times each day when I visit your fair city.

A problem has arisen that you need to be aware of.  When it is my turn to cross the street and the alarm is gleefully encouraging me on; after I have looked both ways and also back to the turn lane to make sure it is safe; after I have taken my young son's hand and taken my first five steps into your crosswalks ...

...this is not the time to race up to the light and make that right hand turn without slowing down!  Maybe if you slowed down you would see that there are happy visitors to your town right where you want to be.  You could then have enough time to stop and let us have the right of way that our laws grant us.

What has happened five times in the last week is that you have not observed this civil courtesy.  Instead I have to violently pull myself and my son out of the reach of your two ton death machine while you wave "oops" at me while speeding on your way.

Perhaps  you are the one driver who actually on his brakes, leaving tire marks on the pavement in a friendly manner as you realized you could not accelerate fast enough to keep my innards off your bumper?  Flipping me off for stopping your speed record is not friendly behavior and will not get your car moving any faster.

I want to continue to enjoy Lynnwood for many years to come.  When you want to turn across a crosswalk, slow down.  Stop even.  Look for the vulnerable visitors who love to visit but don't want to be buried in your beautiful town.


Michael Dyer
Mill Creek, Washington