Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Live Figure Drawing

Once again I find myself facing one of those social situations that makes me incredibly uncomfortable.  Before, it was going to the artist trading card gathering in Seattle.  I pushed on and had a great time in spite of my nerves.

This time it is a live drawing session in Bothell on Friday.  It is at an art studio and has live nude and clothed models for people to draw and paint.  I'm apprehensive, as I always am, about being around other artists.  I know nobody is judging me but that is always sitting in the back of my head.  It is magnified whenever I have to be around people I don't know.  I realize that just like the SeARTle gathering my nerves will calm after only a few minutes and then I will be too busy drawing to care.

Most people who know me don't realize how much I struggle with groups of people.  I can get in front of a crowd and make a silly fool of myself and be fine, but put me in a small group of adults or a party and I fold in on myself.  If I could blend into the wallpaper I would sometimes try.  Only by forcing myself to do it am I able to overcome that anxiety though.

There is also some nervousness about drawing a nude model.  I haven't done it before and therefore it is scary.  Once the pencil touches the paper all that will go away though and there will only be the drawing.