Thursday, May 2, 2013

Junior Art Brigade

Yesterday several neighborhood children became interested in my artist trading card collection.  They looked through my binder at hundreds of cards from around the world and asked a ton of questions.  One second grade girl finally got up the nerve to ask if I had any cards so she could make one.  That opened the rest of them too.  I gave away 15-20 card blanks and plastic sleeves to 3 of the kids and told them to go make art.

I'm excited to see if they will and what they will do with it.  It would be cool to have a junior ATC club forming in the neighborhood.

I need to break my ATC collection into 2 binders though.  The last few pages are filled with nude cards and I had to keep the kids out of that section while browsing.  None are sexual but I'm not letting anywhere near them.  Having a kid friendly book is a good idea.

My own ATCs need to get done too.  My goal for today is 4 cards with sheep on them for an organized swap.  My over-goal is to make 3 more cards to trade with the kids.