Monday, January 7, 2013

Drawing Sprint

A friend of mine is going to be self publishing a novel in April (if he knows what's good for him!) and I've been looking at a lot of writing resources to help him get the book done and into print.  Something I stumbled over is called a Writing Sprint.  The idea is that you set the timer for 10 minutes (or whatever) and just start writing.  Don't let up until the timer goes off.  It shakes the cobwebs loose and gets the creative juices flowing.

I'm the barest amateur of a writer, usually only finishing the occasional NANOWRIMO book I'm too embarrassed to let anyone read, or comic book scripts.  But I am looking for techniques to force me to draw a bit more without the thinking part of my brain getting in the way.

I think tomorrow I'm going to set myself a  Drawing Sprint.  I will give myself a blank piece of paper and 30 minutes to fill it up.  I have a list of 100 drawing topics and I'll use percentile dice to pick the next sketch after the first one and then the next etc. until time is up.  Hopefully the page will be filled up.  I'll scan and post the results.

Have you done an exercise like this for writing or drawing?  How did it work for you?