Monday, January 7, 2013

Art, Nudes, Landscapes, The Secret Circle

I have been using my art journal a bunch this week and I'm overall pretty happy with it.  In addition to getting my thoughts down about art and my own abilities I've been practicing with watercolor pencils, which are a lot of fun.  I bought a small set of 12 but I may pick up more.  I also need to inventory how much watercolor paint I have as I am thinking of some projects.

Tonight I gathered the art cards I created in 2012 onto a single sheet.  I left the nude cards off since they are inappropriate for my family audience.  They got their own sheet which can be viewed at but you will need an account with adult viewing ability to see them. They are not sexual.

I'm doing less ATCs this year, focusing on larger work.  I'm still going to do them and I'm still going to host swaps.  Drawing in the ATC format is good for forcing creativity but the small size is limiting.

I have 2 themes I want to grow in as an artist this year.  The first is people.  That means I need to start doing life drawing more often.  I'm planning a few people watching trips and am hoping to sketch from life a lot more.  I will also be drawing from photos and models.  At this point I'm using clothed models but eventually will move to nude models as well.  Drawing people has always been one of my goals as an artist.  I should find a local drawing group to hook up with.

The other theme I want to explore is landscape.  I'm dabbling in watercolors and they are excellent for creating landscapes.  There is so much beauty where I live I would love to start painting some of it.  Right now my work looks like it was made by a 4th grader who is bored in art class.  I want to push my talent upward.

This week I watched an interesting TV show on Netflix called The Secret Circle.  It is about a girl who discovers she is a witch, forms a magical bond with 5 other witches and fights evil and their family secrets.  I liked it because it as fast paced and the magic system was very interesting to me.  Each witch has their own magic but when they bond into the Magic Circle each loses their own power but as a group they can do greater magic.  The more members helping out the greater it is.  I like the mystery of what happened when each of them lost a parent in a fire 16 years ago.  Just when I thought I had it figured out one more wrinkle got added that was fun.

What I didn't like was the lack of a realistic world.  Yes, there is magic, but that is supposed to be happening in our world.  Yet the writers had things just for the sake of plot.  For example, the parents of the heroes died 16 years ago on a docked Washington State Ferry.  The ferry is still there even though it was burned and lists.  It is still in the water.  There is nothing but broken caution tape to keep every curious kid from sneaking in to drink booze and sex it up.  After 16 years?  The state never cleaned it up?  No one reclaimed that valuable piece of waterfront property?  There is also large church out in the woods that is large enough to fit a few hundred people but it is abandoned and overgrown.  It is so far out that the heroes who have lived in the town all their lives don't know about it even though it is several stories tall.  Really?  Their hideout is also the abandoned home of the lead witch's dad who was believed killed.  It has been vacant and overgrown for 16 years.  But his heir was still alive.  She lived out of town but the government can find anyone.  Even if they couldn't why did the city allow it to just crumble instead of doing something about it?  Yet 16 years later the Circle uses it for their base.  As anyone knows who lives on coastal Washington, if you leave a building vacant for year it will likely be so filled with black mold it will cost a ton to clean it.  After 16 years that mold will have gained intelligence.  No way that house is livable 

My last gripe is one that a lot of shows with teenagers has.  They drink so much alcohol.  If they were sneaking it and it was part of the plot I could understand.  That is part of being a teenager.  But they drink it openly in town and at fundraisers for the school.  They drink it and it isn't even mentioned other than they have wine glasses.

Enough about that.  Here are my art cards for the last year.  Here's to much more art in 2013!