Monday, September 21, 2015

Writing Update

It has been too long since I used this blog. As I'm in the process of writing a couple of books to increase my writing skill I thought I would use this as a place to update my progress.

Project 1: Magic and Miracles
I have written this book twice for NANOWRIMO, both being different versions of the same story. My problem was that I lacked a strong antagonist and a decent ending. I've reworked it again and am about 6,000 words into the first chapters.
The basic plot is that two women of different faiths find that they have been given the mythical powers of that faith to fight an ancient evil.

Project 2: Superhero Medic Story
I've had this story rattling around in my head for years and finally decided to commit it to paper for NANOWRIMO this year. It is fully outlined and ready to write on November 1.
A young man in a world of superheroes gains the power to heal. He must face off with the government and a church that alternately wants to destroy him as the anti-Christ or adore him as a modern prophet. As the world crashes down his door in an attempt to get healed he must find a way to meet his own goals and somehow survive.