Thursday, October 3, 2013

Political Memes, A Better Way

I have Internet friends who are chain posting images this morning either slamming Obama or the Republicans or Congress in general.  You are angry and it seems to you that sending out a dozen photos of quotes, half truths, and general "rabble rabble rabble" will somehow bring attention to your point-of-view.  My feed is so full of all of these that it is getting tricky to find things people actually write.

I know that people are passionate about politics.  I am too.  I would like to offer you a couple of suggestions before you send out that next meme.

1.  Do a quick search to make sure the sentiment you are reposting is actually true.  I've seen 3 this morning already that a simple search of any of a half dozen de-bunking sites would show you are just Internet lies.  Just because it is on the Internet and you agree with it doesn't make it true.  No matter HOW much you want it to be true/have faith that it is true/"my faith in God is stronger than fact so shut up!"  Yeah, I've heard all of those.

2.  Instead of posting a half dozen meme like blurbs from other people take a few minutes and actually write your thoughts down and print that.  Make it personal.  Don't just spout anger aimlessly into the ether.  Direct it and start a conversation.  You will come across as far more intelligent, and people may actually learn something.  Until we actually engage our brains (which batch cross posting meme pictures does not do) we will never move past the anger stage and start working on a solution to our problems.

3.  If you are discussing Obamacare, do be aware that it is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and not a different law.  You look like an idiot when you say how evil Obamacare is and wish we could just pass the ACA instead.  Even polls show people don't realize they are the same thing.  The ACA is way more popular, showing that a good name is worth a lot.

4.  Politeness will get you more people paying attention to your views than cursing and vitriol.  You don't have to reply to every comment someone makes telling you that your opinion is garbage.  Don't feed the trolls.  It only encourages them to breed.